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My London Marathon Journey

I feel truly honoured to be running the 2024 London Marathon for the National Autistic Society, in April. I am hoping to raise funds for their endeavours to help other autistic individuals, their families and the wider community navigate through their journey of neurodiversity. 

Since my diagnosis at the age of 17, I have begun to understand how many obstacles neurodivergent individuals have to overcome whether it be in obtaining a diagnosis or navigating life with one.

Whilst 17 years can be seen as late, ironically having researched extensively on the topic, I have realised how fortunate I am to have received a diagnosis at a relatively early age! Around 80% of females remain undiagnosed by the age of 18 and this can have significant and life altering consequences.

I would appreciate any donations, however great or small.

Lots of love, Nidhi :)

Marathon Runners_edited.jpg
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